Engagement Shoots

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

What is an Engagement Shoot?

The term Engagement Shoot is used as a general term for pre-wedding photography. Yes, you can ask your photographer to be there when you pop the question but these days the photographs are usually taken when you are already engaged. There are no rules - you can shoot in the studio, outside or at a location of your choice.

Embracing the idea

Before you read the main text below, I thought it would be good to share a moment from today's engagement shoot. No walking on the beach, no strolling through fields of wheat, no sitting together on a swing surrounded by roses. No, the wedding is on 31st October so it's Halloween time. I am a firm believer in embracing the ideas that couples some up with. We get the best pictures when we are all on the same page and enjoying the experience. So here I am sharing the moment.

Hidden Values

You can get some great pictures from your Engagement Shoot to keep in a photo book, to frame or to use for wedding invitations.

But the Engagement Shoot also has some hidden  values.

For most couples this will be there first experience of working with a professional photographer. It's a great opportunity to build a relationship with your photographer and to gain experience of being directed, being told what to do with your hands, how to stand and how to look good in a photograph. You'll also get used to the photographer sticking the camera right in your face! It's a great rehearsal for the wedding day - you'll know exactly what to expected.

The second is getting to know us. Building that rapport and forming a relationship with each other makes a big difference when it comes to the wedding day.

Alfred Eisenstaedt's quote has a simple message - "Can you really take great photographs of people you don't know?"

Your Engagement Shoot

Get to know us and be prepared for your wedding day.

Your engagement shoot will last between two and four hours. Our typical engagement shoot takes place at Eastcote Village Gardens or, if the weather or time of year makes this unsuitable, in the studio in Ruislip Manor.

If you prefer you can choose your own favourite locations for your photo shoot (we're happy to travel for free providing it's not too far).