The Time Table

You may find it useful to see what our business process looks like and what happens when.

Bear in mind that you can get in touch with us at any time if you have a question about the wedding. Our knowledge is not limited to photography so feel free to ask us about other aspects of the wedding day. We may not know the answer but we probably know someone who will.

  • Start
  • Initial Contact

    Contact us using the Contact Us page, by email or by phone

  • First Meeting

    The next stage is to arrange a face-to-face meeting with you or a video call if that's not possible. That gives you a chance to tell us more about your wedding and your expectations. It gives us a chance to show you more of what we do (especially albums, prints etc.) and to answer any questions you may have.
    There is no obligation and no hard selling.

  • Questionnaire

    After the first meeting we will send you a questionnaire. It contains details about the booking process and payments and has a section for you to fill in that provides us with the information that we we need (locations, names, contact details etc.).
    If you decide to book with us then we will use the details in the questionnaire to draw up the contract.

  • First Payment

    If you are happy to go ahead with us then you need to make the first payment - the booking fee. The details are contained in the questionnaire.
    Then complete the questionnaire and send it back to us.

  • The Contract

    The contract is a combination of the information you sent to us, what we said we would do, and some statements that cover copyright, cancellations, acts of god etc.
    The main purpose of the contract is to record what we have all agreed to do. We will know where each photographer needs to be and at what time, because the details are in the contract. We will update the contact to reflect any changes that occur.

  • Engagement Shoot

    If you have opted for the Engagement Shoot then this will take place before the wedding.

  • Who's Who?

    We'll send you out another questionnaire before the wedding day. The first section is a list of the key people and their names. Generally this covers the parents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen but there may be other people of intertest that you think we ought to know about.
    The second section is for you to give us the list of must have groups shots. You can also give us a list of other "must have" photographs such as "Bride with Aunty Ada", "the Bride & Groom with the vicar", or "the caterers".

  • The Pre-wedding meeting

    This is either a face-to-face meeting or, sometimes, a phone call a few weeks before the wedding. We will go through the wedding timeline with you, double check who is going to be where and when they need to be there. This is the time for any last minute changes or special requests.
    We will also go through the list of group shots (and other photographs) with you.

  • Second Payment

    The second payment is due before the wedding

  • The Wedding Day

    The handsome groom. The beautiful bride. The lovely family and friends. Most of all, a day filled with love, smiles and tears.
    Weddings days are very, very special. It will be lovely.

  • Image Editing

    After the wedding we select the best images and edit them in the digital darkroom.
    We'll initially send them over to you as a digital download but they will also arrive on a USB pen drive in a special presentation box.

  • Event

    Final Payment

    For digital-only packages your final payment is due when the images are ready for delivery.
    For packages that include and album your final payment is due when the album is ready for delivery.

  • Phew
  • Display

    Don't forget...

    Put your favourite images on display. For example, you can have loose prints in almost any size, framed prints, canvasses and a wide range of wall mounted print ideas including Wooden and Acrylic Photo Blocks. Ask us about the different options.