Engagement Shoot Package

The Engagement Shoot

The "Engagement Shoot" package is a photo shoot before your wedding day. You will spend about two hours with us creating a portfolio of images that you can use on social media, on wedding invitations, on place-name cards or whatever you like. 

Or you can just enjoy looking at them in your twenty-page Engagement Photo Book.

We typically take about 150 shots during the engagement shoot but some of these will be duplicates or fail to me our high, technical standards. Our first job after the shoot is over is to select the best shots (usually about 40) and then check every one of them for exposure, colour and content. Some images need no alterations whereas others may benefit from some extra processing.

Once the editing is complete we'll send you watermarked proof copies for you to look at, and from which your can choose your 20 favourites. Once you have told us what your favourite images are we will send these to you as a digital download in two different sizes:

  1. Large, high resolution jpeg files ideal for large scale prints 
  2. medium resolution jpeg files (1440 x 1080) that are ideal for use on social media 

We then create a draft of your Engagement Photo Book, a 25cm x 25 cm (10" x 10") 20 page lay-flat album. We'll send you proofs to review and change anything that you don't like (if we can, of course). 

The price for the "Engagement Shoot" package is £300

By the way, if you decide to book one of our Wedding Photography Packages that includes an "Engagement Shoot" we will deduct £300 from the price of the package [this applies to All Day 1; All Day 2; Half Day 1; Half Day 2].