All Day 2

The Engagement Shoot

The "All Day 2 - Engagement Shoot and Wedding" package starts with an Engagement Shoot. You will spent about two hours with us creating a portfolio of images that you can use on social media, on wedding invitations, place-name cards or whatever you like. Or you can just enjoy looking at them in your twenty-page Engagement Photo Memory book.

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day we'll start with the Bride's party, capturing the hair and make-up, laughter and tears, and a few formal shots before everyone sets off for the service.

Our second photographer will start at the wedding venue with the Groom, Groomsmen and the Groom's father, capturing some formal and informal shots. They will also photograph the wedding rings and the arrival of the Bridesmaids and the Bride. The two photographers then work together throughout the rest of the day, usually finishing about an hour after the first dace.

The Photographs

We typically shoot about 1,500 images but many of these are duplicates, of poor technical quality or have captured actions or expressions at just the wrong moment (nobody want so see those ones). Our first job is to select the best shots (usually about 400-500) and then check every one of them for exposure, colour and content. Some images need no alterations. Some need a good deal of work (changing closed eyes for open eyes or removing items that we don't want to see for example).

Once the editing is complete we'll send you copies of the selected digital images in two different sizes 

  1. Large, high resolution jpeg files ideal for large scale prints.
  2. Medium resolution jpeg files (1440 x 1080) that are ideal for use on social media. 
These will initially be available as a digital download but we will put then all onto a personalised USB pen drive as well.

We also offer an optional on-line gallery where friends and relatives can browse your photographs and buy prints at a variety of size.

The "Engagement Shoot and Wedding Photography" package is £1,450