What Type Of Wedding Photos Do You Take?

We take a mixture of formal, posed, natural and spontaneous photographs. We do not generally provide “dramatically posed” or “digitally enhanced” images. You'll see that reflected in the pictures on this web site.

How Much Do You Charge?

For details see our Packages & Prices pages for Photography and Wedding Albums. 
Once we know your plans and exactly what you would like us to do then we can give you a personal quotation. So just get in touch with us by phone or email, tell us about your wedding and we will put a quote together just for you. 

Do You Do Albums and Prints?

Yes we do. You can order your wedding album as part of our wedding package or at any time following the wedding. We offer a range of albums including simple photo books, fine art albums and top-of-the-range albums. Prices, including editing, design and printing, range from £185 to £1,360.

We can also print your images in a wide range of formats and sizes. For example, ultra-glossy prints on aluminium (these look fantastic at 100cm x 75cm) and traditional framed prints. We can also supply unframed prints in most sizes from £5
Our biggest so far is 150cm x 75cm! 

Do You Do Wedding Videos?

Yes we do - from straight forward documentary to "your wedding day in five minutes!" 
There are too many wedding video options to list so contact us if you are interested in Wedding video. Prices start at £800.

Can You Do Everything I Want?

We will be honest with you when we discuss your requirements before the wedding. If we don’t think your request is something that we can do well then we will tell you (but we might still give it a try). 

Do You Have Professional Insurance Cover?

Yes. We have full insurance cover (including professional indemnity) from aaduki, one of the leading insurers for professional photographers. Larger venues will usually ask you to provide a copy of your photographer's insurance certificate and their risk assessment. If you need one then just let us know so that we can email you a copy.

Are You A Member Of Any Professional Organisations?

Yes. Tim is very proud to be a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP). 

What Happens If Your Camera Breaks?

Anyone can take a photograph but what happens if something goes wrong? 

Our Canon 5Ds take two memory cards to insure against a card failure. We have three professional quality Canon SLRs in case one camera fails. We also have a wide selection of lenses just in case one of our lenses fails. We also have spare batteries, four Canon high end flash guns etc. etc. 

If anything breaks before the wedding day we have local contacts who can lend us what we need and we will also use a first class hire company if we have to.

We always work with two photographers (although this has not always been possible during the Covid epidemic) which helps us to avoid missing key shots.

When we download your images from the memory cards we also make copies onto three separate backup systems. 

As you can tell, we do our very best minimise the risks.

Is It Cheaper If I Only Have One Photographer?

No. We always work with a minimum of two photographers, partly to make sure we capture all the key shots but mostly because we can capture formal and candid photographs at the same time. 

On some occasions we may bring an additional photographer for which there is no extra charge. 

Can My Guests Take Pictures?

Yes, providing they respect the work we are doing and understand how they may impact your photographs. We are very good at stopping them from getting in the way. 

Having other photographers around us can be a distraction and may cause you or your guests to look at the wrong camera at the wrong time and spoil the photographs we are taking for you. We will give everyone some time to take their own photos during the group shots and we are happy to give them some help if they have any questions.

Will You Take Pictures Of Particular People On The Day?

We will talk to you about your specific requirements and ask you to provide us with a full list of your "must have" photographs before the wedding day. We'll also ask you to nominate one or more "willing volunteers" who can help us to organise the people that we need for each photo. If you think of something else on the day then just let us know.

We will do our best to meet your requirements but we cannot guarantee this. Sometimes people will disappear or just refuse to be photographed. 

How Long Will The Photography Take?

As a rule you should start with 15 minutes for everyone to talk to the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony. Then allow about 5 minutes per formal family group and allow about 15 minutes for the group shot of the wedding couple with all guests. 

After that we like to spend at least 30 minutes alone with the wedding couple. This will vary depending upon the photographs you would like and the locations available. You might like to add about 15 minutes at the end for some fun shots with the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

When Can We See The Pictures?

Our number one rule is that no one sees the wedding photos before the bride and groom. The images will be available for viewing about three weeks after your wedding day. Until then anyone asking us for a sneak preview will be disappointed.

How Much Should You Pay For A Wedding Photographer?

I found this article by a lady called Louise Bjorling that gives a clear explanation of what to expect. We have no connection with Louise but have provided this link because we do agree with her point of view.
We provide a full service and charge what we think is a realistic price for what we do. Our prices also have to cover the cost of our professional camera equipment, computers, software licences, insurance etc. 
We also do much more than take photographs and hand a memory card over (see below), especially when it comes to digital editing.

What Does Digital Editing Mean?

Many people think that digital photography has removed the need for the dark room where films were developed and prints were made. After all, you can see the picture when you take it, you can share it with the wedding guests over wi-fi and upload it to social media within seconds. 

However, the image on the memory card is only really a "digital negative". Like the old pros of the film days we still need adjust the brightness, correct any colour issues, crop the picture and maybe do a little straightening (and that's just the start of the process). Sometimes we find that a person in a group shot that we like has their eyes closed, but they are open in a shot that we don't like. No problem. A bit of digital editing can solve that problem.

Of course there are some major advantages when using a digital camera. We can change images from colour to black & white, create sepia-toned images and remove the occasional "unwanted things" that you really don't want to see in the background.

The last part of image preparation is to set the colour profile of the image. The colour profile affects how the image appears when, for example, it is viewed on a flat screen or when it is printed. Images with the wrong profile can look very weird, especially when printed. 

So, as you can see, there is still a need for a "digital darkroom" and that is where professional wedding photographers, like me, spend most of their time. 

Can I Have Copies Of All The Digital Images?

No. We take good photographs and bad photographs at every wedding (nobody's perfect). By "bad images" we mean images that do not meet our high technical standards (for example poor focus or bad framing) or images that may embarrass the people in the photograph (sometimes you just catch people at the very worst moment). Needless to say, we don't share the bad ones with anybody. 

The first selection of images is always made by us so that we can remove the "bad" images before editing the remainder.

We never share unedited images as they don't represent the finished product that we are so proud of.

Can I Sell Or Copy The Images You Give Me?

No. "The photographer or the company they are employed by owns the copyright to the images taken at your wedding." This means that you cannot do anything with the images you are given (printed or digital) without permission from the copyright owner in the form of a licence. 

We will grant the Bride and Groom a license to use the images for personal use which means they can make prints for themselves and also use them on social media etc. (provided that you credit us). They cannot sell copies of the digital files or prints made from them, and they cannot give copies of the files or prints to other people. 

If anyone wants copies of the files or prints then they should contact us.

Can I Have Copies Of The RAW Image Files?

The RAW image files are the master images, referred to these days as "Digital Negatives". 

Like a negative in the days of film the RAW image files are never changed. The changes we make during digital editing are only applied when we create the JPEGS. This means that despite the many hours we spend making the pictures as good as they can be the RAW files will remain unedited and not representative of the work that we do.